Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No new year's day to celebrate...

Once again emerging from the white backdrop is 'The Man in Red' with his load of greens. Green that makes the world  go round. The world which once rotated from developed to developing in now in anti spin i.e. from emerging to sinking.
No doubt, the world economy is under going a metamorphosis. Incredible demand potential from under world has heated up the war for resources and we see the rising of the 'lesser god' as developed nations beat a retreat in order to make way for the children of not so lesser god.
At the turn of the tide, world shipping is dealing with its own problems. Mainly of over-supply. Ship-owners just had another year of dangerously low returns. Coming year does not encourage them either. However, the consoling factor is that they are not alone in the fight for survival during this lean mean period. While new building is already off the diving board, ship-breaking will continue uphill. This two-prong action will bring some stability in the freight market by year 2014. All in all, yet another year of hibernation for shipowners before the sun shines.
Notwithstanding the measures taken to resuscitate the world economy, It would be wise for all participants, emerging or sinking, to use latest technology to work on new solutions collectively. It is the time to discard linear processes and opt for limitless cyclical processes. Renewable is the keyword. Austerity is the way of life forward, not for saving buck but to save our beautiful planet. Pumping in more liquid in the markets will probably rob us of our last chance to mend our ways before its too late.