Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Choo, Choo 2017, Chuggin' Down the Track

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2018!

After few ominous and bleak years, its time to say farewell to the bitcoin year 2017. A year which pulled the global economy  out of the doldrums and set the global  economic growth engine in motion with modest momentum.

US economy is looking stronger than it had in recent times.  Employment rate is higher than ever followed by strong consumer and business sentiment.

Eurozone is also buoyant if not equally pompous.  China, the behemoth of world economy is also expected to retain its modest growth rate along with the other emerging Asian economies.

India, after implementing some major reforms in financial and tax systems is all set to cruise with accelerated growth rate.

Middle-East is a happening place again after Oil prices saw stability last year and now have a bullish out look.

Inflationary economy across the board is sure to pump up the commodity market and thus the shipping in general.

All in all the atmosphere on the new year’s eve is exuberant and optimistic.

But the current optimism is not without  the inherent fear of unknown as the human civilization is going through the transition phase of the tech revolution.  As Jack Ma says, "The first technology revolution caused World War I. The second technology revolution caused World War II. This is the third technology revolution."

Infact, its already smouldering out there in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya and few other nations of Africa while North Korea remains a nuclear hazard. Besides, there is realignment of powers taking place under Capt. Trump's command.

I am of the  firm belief the technology is on a definite path of handing over the reins of life to the machines for good. AI primed robots will be the carriers of consciousness after few decades.

And as a preface, human greed is converting into bitcoins. 


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