Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Subject to Verification, Iran's Trade Suspension Ends

Indeed a historic day for Iran and the rest of the world as Iran trades its ambition to build nuclear weapons for its freedom to trade world-wide.

The deal, if not revoked midway, will prove good for the Iranian people. It is also a good news for oil importing nations as the deal will provide stability to the oil prices leading to energy security for the entire world. Opening of trade will make Iranians more prosperous and with prosperity their demand for goods will increase which will boost the world economy.

But the deal is not a happy news for:
  1. Oil producers, as low stable oil prices means a reduced bounty for them.
  2. Other Middle-east neighbours who were assisting Iran's trade during Sanctions era and having a windfall.
  3. Israel, a hard core opponent of Iran.
  4. Renewable clean energy sector
  5. Tanker owners. Stable oil prices are not conducive to shipping activity. Moreover, Iran has a healthy fleet of tankers, which will now be available for WW trading.


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