Monday, January 25, 2016

Year of Monkey Business

New year 2016 has dawned but the world economy wears a fatigued looks and businesses are yawning...

21st Century started with boom and bust of information technology. Boom or bust, the information technology was to become the order of the day. The world was swept over by IT at the speed of light. It transformed human behaviour and life style.  In bid to survive the metamorphosis brought about by the information technology, it was imperative for each and every element and structure of the human society to undergo a rigorous evolution process. Obviously, there are some tough nuts in every walk of life. Every change is resisted by inertia or status quo.  The purpose of this inertia is to hold the continuum thru the entire animation. But this change has to be rather quick and abrupt. Hence a majority failed to accept and evolve. And this majority has now turned rebellious (ISIS). We see the war clouds hanging over the centre stage. Nature too has been increasingly hostile due to prolonging of the previous act (industrialisation).

We are going through a difficult phase of change-over before we settle down to the new dawn.
IT era means, 80% of the world population languishing in poverty, ignorance and destitute to fall in to the global main stream. To absorb this huge influx into the existing mainstream would mean an incredible stress on natural resources. Hence, the only logical solution would be :
1. a substantial natural resource friendly change in human lifestyle and processes 
2. a substantial shrinking of human population.

The speed of the transition would have to be faster and thus it may be a painful interlude before the paradise is regained. 


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