Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free Trade Sugar

Free Trade Sugar turned rich nation's diabetes. Initially, the poor and middle class in the developed nations enjoyed the cheap goodies raining from the developing world. All were Happy. Instead of buying the stuff that they were manufacturing, they were buying yellow men's cheaper stuff. There was a false sense of well being before they saw the sky of unemployment falling upon them. They just could not afford eating cheap sugar in copious quantities for long in absence of sweat. Soon they started losing their jobs. But sweet tooth is an addiction. They found an answer in mortgages and they survived many more winters on borrowed shots of insulin. But we live in this ruthless world, where you gotta be really blessed to survive on free lunches. The whole financial system came crashing down, stopping the insulin supply instantaneously.

Fearing the nation would perish in absence of the hormone, Fed is now releasing more insulin from the emergency stock. But the patient will have to stop or control the sugar intake too at the same time.

Writing is on the wall. Free trade is gonna be an infant mortality in plane and simple words.