Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greek Austere Buffet

Antonis Samaras is at the buffet table ready to dish out a platter for ailing Greece. There is a wide variety of buffet spread to choose from. But poor guy is limited to the austere plain dishes only. As instructed by Dr. Eurounion, all rich & succulent dishes are taboo for this diabetic nation, which makes it a difficult task for Samaras to have his plate more than half full.

Nevertheless, with Evangelos of Pasok and Fotis of Democratic Left falling in plate,  Antonis looks set to complete the formality of a simple course with olives, cheese and some ouzo. This will provide much needed stability to the markets for a while. But the new government will have an uphill task to please it's populace and uncle Scrooge at the same time in the days to come.