Friday, September 26, 2008

Merry X-Mas?

Does this mean that we are going to have shipping boom?
Well that's a wishful thinking of a shipbroker and all others concerned with shipping.

Each day we see fresh corpses falling out of cupboard. Its like a financial graveyard out there. This financial mess is of highest order and will take its time and toll before trust in the system is finally restored.

Bailout efforts, I don't expect a boom out of them but, at best, may slow down the fall and prevent a total blackout. As we say "doobte ko tinke ka sahara".

Shipping sails on world economy, and world economy is in doledrums right now, so obviously, not much hope for shipping too. We should be prepared to weather a harsh and lifeless winter, before the sun shines again...

Is it a conspiracy by the States to drag down the global economy? Will we survive?
No, the problem is for real. The crux of all problem is investment banking. Investment banks rose too high on virtual grounds ie. they were highly leveraged on the bss of virtual gains. To their horror, When they returned to the real world they found that there was no foundation, and they collapsed.

Now, the conspiracy or the screw up was that the regulators let these banks/institutions enjoy and build up leverage for so long.

Indian economy is too small in size at the moment. Though we are second in terms of population and have very high demand potential but more than half of us still sit below poverty line. Having few of us on Forbes list does not take us anywhere.

If US goes down, our economy will sink too, but how does it matter to those who earn n spend a few cents a day for living. Long live India and her poor!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

All The Best

After Humpty Dumpty fall of markets this month, all the kings men and horses are out to put Humpty together again.

Dr. Ben and team will start from ground realty, as Govt. plans to go shopping for garbage assets and infuse tons of money into drying equities. The plan demands blood donation from tax payers and overtime at dollar mint, which will further weaken dollar. Commodities will be on bull run once again giving shipping a fresh lease of life.

Coming days call for Herculean efforts and sacrifice from all of us in order to put this sinking ship upright. But right now here is Uncle Sam wishing you all a merry Christmas. Wish him all the luck to have Humpty darling in one piece again unlike legendary rhyme's ending.